The Difference Between Cold Laser Therapy and Class 4 (Deep Tissue Laser Therapy for neck pain, bulging discs, herniated, discs, and arthritis

If you suffer from Bulging or Herniated Discs, arthritis, partial tears in the meniscus of your knee, shoulder rotator cuff problems, carpal tunnel syndrome, golfers elbow, or any painful condition that is non-surgical, then please keep reading.

There is a new treatment that is making HUGE headway in the healing arts called Deep Tissue Laser Therapy (NOT cold laser therapy).

Class 4 or Deep Tissue Laser Therapy feels warm, and Cold laser therapy feels slightly warm, but not cold.

Here is how Laser therapy works:

When you have a partial torn meniscus, for example, your body goes into a state of inflammation.  Scar tissue begins to form, cross linkages of cartilage, connective tissue, and muscle inflammation around the joint as well, including swelling in the joint and lack of cellular sodium and potassium exchange.  Basically, when injury happens, your body goes into a state of repair but that repair in itself can cause issues later on like excess buildup of scar tissues, weak muscles, and permanent swelling in some severe cases.  Chiropractors and physical therapists have been using laser therapy for about 10 y  ears now.  Lasers are measured in power and energy output (Joules). Cold Lasers generally have a 0.5 output of power and can generate anywhere from 75 to 200 Joules of energy per treatment. The treatments in a Cold laser setting run about 30-45 minutes with a depth of about 2-3 cm at most.  Now here is the BIG difference.  Class 4 Lasers or Deep Tissue Lasers generate 8-15 watts of power and 2,500-10,000 Joules of energy per treatment with an average depth of 17-20 cm. So you can see that someone with low back degenerative disc pain would not benefit from Cold Lasers, or even someone with a cervical neck disc pain generator.  Also, be careful you get information on the laser the doctor is using and make sure that if you have a serious condition in the spine or even in the shoulder, that the laser is a class 4. Now cold lasers do work it just takes longer and they only work on ankles, wrists, knees, but the larger areas I find that they do not nearly as much. When we picked our class 4 laser up we sold our cold laser.  Average price for a cold laser treatment would be from 30-60 where a class 4 laser treatment would range from 60-150 per session.

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Arthritis in Dogs

Orange County Dog Chiropractor / Orange County Dog Laser Clinic

Arthritis is common in dogs. Regardless of the cause (injury, genetics, nutrition), treatments for arthritis are usually NSAIDS. NSAIDS do work but the downside is gastrointestinal stress and possibly bleeding in both humans and dogs. There is a new supplement on the market called curcuminoids from the herb Tumeric that when combined with bioperine gets absorbed through the GI system well. This herb has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties and clinically has shown promise in decreasing pain all while helpin the body fight disease.

Arthritis means inflammation of the joints. Dogs mostly suffer with arthritis of the hips and lower spine. In our clinic we use what is called deep tissue laser therapy to combat inlfammation and the pain of arthritis. This new therapy (not cold or low level laser but Class 4 Deep Tissue laser therapy) works wonders and dog ownwers all over are inquiring of it. For a condition like hip dysplasia in dogs, it takes usually around 10 to 15 treatments to decrease the inflammation down to normal levels.

Working dogs and agility dogs get injured more than regular pets. We have seen working and agility dogs in our clinic and the deep tissue laser has done a great job at helping these dogs do their work at a high and competitive level. If you are interested in finding out more or want to try the laser on your dog, please mention the “internet special for dog Laser Therapy” and we will comp you one free laser visit to see if your dog is a candidate for care at out clinic in Orange County, Ca.

By the way, the dogs love the way it feels. Generally if feels warm to both humans and dogs. The warmth is the inflammation leaving the body. Ironically, as the inflammation leaves the body, the heat is less and less each visit. Inflmmation is significantly decreased. We have seen a contusion the size of a half football go down 90% in less than 4 weeks (about 10 to 12 treatments), where the doctor said it was going to take up to one year to go down. This was a human case. We had a dog with a torn anterior cruciate ligament where the swelling around the lower leg was significant but after just 5 deep tissue laser treatments, the leg was normal and the dog did not seem to limp around or was stiff the owner said in getting up quickly.

Arthritis in dogs, like humans, is a disease that needs to be addressed. We now have a wonderful tool to address this dreadful disease. Once the inflammation has been controlled in the dog or human, they only need an average of 4 to 6 treatments per year to maintain the healing affects of the original treatments.

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Breast Cancer on the Rise

Orange County Hormone Doctor:

Breast Cancer is on the rise in the unites states. Some of the reasons for this is increased xenoestrogesn(toxins that the body looks at as estrogen but are dangerous and can increase the risk for breast cancer, increase in sugar in the american diet, and decreased immunity through lack of basic nutrition.

Breast Cancer/Uterine Cancer Prevention 
When a woman gets breast cancer, the general treatment is rushing the patient right into chemotherapy, radiation, and possibly surgery without even considering natural alternatives. There is hope now with the discovery of specific extracts from cruciferous vegetables to downregulate these dangerous xenoestrogens and toxins. Also, people generally do nothing to boost their immune systems. Just taking action in 3 different places will decrease chances of breast cancer. Boost your immune system with high dose liposhperic vitamin c and other immune boosting supplements like humic acid, exercise 4 times per week and sit in the sauna 30 mintues each time after your workout, and lastly, decrease the amount of sugar in your diet. Insulin is a hormone and can have global affects on estrogens when elevated. For instance, when a patient has a sugar handling issue, their liver will get “fatty”. This alone will cause a decrease in conjugation of estrogens and other hormones.
So this breast cancer issue is a global problem. If you happen to suffer from breast cancer and want a second opinion, please call today at the above number and we will be happy to talk with you.

For more information on dealing with chronic health conditions click here:

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Orange County Laser Pain Relief

Orange County Laser Pain Relief:

There has been a rise in Lasers used in pain managment practices, physical therapy, and chiropractic practices. There is also a confustion between a cold laser or low level laser and a class 4 deep tissue laser. The cold or low level lasers put out approximately 0.5 watts of power compared to 10-12 watts from a class 4 laser. The difference is huge when you understand. Photonic energy in Joules is measured and determined upon how much wattatage the laser has. So in a 5 minute treatment to a patients knee, with a cold laser, you may get no more than 150 joules at most. With a class 4 laser, you will get about 3,500 joules, plus the depth of tissue penetrated is much greater.
When searchin for laser therapy for pain, don’t be fooled into getting cold laser therapy vs class 4. I would try the class 4 laser because the results are much faster and last longer. The class 4 laser can also penetrate deep tissues like the low back, in cases of degenrative disc disease. In our Orange County clinic in Southern California, se have been successfully using the Class 4 laser on degenerative disc disease, hip and knee arthritis, minuscus tears, rotator cuff tears, and carpal tunnel syndrome. This therapy is what the professional athletes are using to get back on the field of play so quickly. It is quickly becoming the “gold standard” in pain managment but even more, to help patients RECOVER from their issues. Please call today to see if you qualify for our cutting edge Class 4 Deep Tissue Laser Therapy Treatment!

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Degenerative Disc Disease

Orange County Spinal Decompression:

Degenerative Disc Disease is a common finding in patients with neck and low back pain in our Orange County clinic. Many x-rays reveal degenerative discs in the neck due to previous whiplash accidents,etc, where the patient either did not seek care because they were feeling o.k. or there was no therapy reccommended by the the doctor.
The common therapy for degenerative disc disease is anti-inlfammatory medications and massage. The problem with this type of therapy is that it does not address the main issue, the disc. Yes, there is inflammation in the disc, and the drugs stop the inflammation but there is no therapy directed at getting the disc back to health.
We combine class 4 laser therapy along with DTS spinal decompression for degenerative disc disease. This helps to bring a process where more water and nutrients enter the disc, thus halting or literally reversing the degenerative process. Most patients, at least 90%, receive postitive benefits. We actually will not even treat phase 3 degeneration, so our success rate is almost 100% in these cases. We also combine treatment with nuritional supplementation like omega fatty acids and superoxide dismutase. These nutrients help to restore the discs back to their original health. Please contact our office for a free consultation (does not include x-rays) for more information on spinal decompression therapy and class 4 laser therapy.

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dog arthritis treatment

Laser Therapy for Dogs

Arthritis is common in dogs. Larger breeds can get arthritis in their hips due to the weight they carry around. Normal treatment that vets tend to use is anti-inflammatory drugs and surgery last resort. A new treatment for this condition is called CLASS 4 DEEP TISSUE LASER THERAPY. This is NOT cold laser or low level laser therapy. Those type of lasers are not nearly as effective as Class 4 Deep Tissue Lasers. The Class 4 uses approximately 10 watts or more of power, which translates into about 3,500 Joules of energy per 5 minute treatment. A cold laser could only produce about 175 Joules in that same 5 minute treatment and the depth of the energy would not be the same. In our Orange County, CA clinic in Southern California, we see dogs all the time with arthritis and pain. We use a combination of natural supplements sometimes with the Class 4 laser and the results are wonderful. The treatment times are no longer than 5 to 8 minutes and patients are happy. Usually for a long standing arthritic condition, we recommend about 7 treatments initially and a few follow-ups. The reason some clinicians use cold or low level lasers is the cost. Class 4 lasers are much more and sometimes they don’t want to spend the money on the unit. No doctor can argue that a cold laser has better clinical outcomes compared to a class 4 laser. If you dog is sufferring today with arthritis, please come in for a FREE consultation to speak with us today!

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Hot Flashes in Men

One thing I am seeing more of is men in our Orange County office who are seeking hormone testing/treatment. These men are generally in their late 40s, and their 50s and 60s. Many of them experience what we term andropause (male menopause). Some of the indicators are weight gain around the waist, decreased energy, hot flashes, low back pain, swelling in the face, and decreased sex drive. Many men and women who have hormone issues also have thyroid issues. A qualified doctor will check the thyroid panel, not just the TSH value. We use our Male Hormone Testing Kit to check all of the levels of these hormones. Then if we find that the issue is actually the hormones causing the hot flashes or whatever symptom, we use a combination of supplements (usually 2 or 3) to fix the issue. One of our patients recently was getting serious hot flashes that were completely diminished with just one supplement. Another issue for both men and women with hormone issues is detoxification problems. Many men and women have these issues and do not even know it. In order for old hormones to be removed rom the body, they need to be conjugated. After years of alcohol use, drug, even eating the food we get in our own grocery stores from th pecticides, etc, we can have a backed up detox system. My first treatment usually for any hormone deficient sufferrer is a detox that last about 28 days (mild). This assures removal of overabundant estrogens, etc. Then we find out the levels through a simple saliva test or a urine test. Regardless, we get to the root of the problem and patients are happy!

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Low Thyroid Symptoms but Lab Test Shows Normal?

Orange County Thyroid Doctor:

We see this time and time again. A 50 year old female sees her GP due to cold hands and feet, headaches, dry skin and hair, fatigue, depression, and much more. A blood test is ordered and you guessed it, doc says your normal. As a functional medicine physician I say you are far from it. This is not “their” fault but “they” have not been taught how to interpret functional lab ranges. A hypothyroid patient usually has a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) level over 5.5 (the high end of the range). TSH is hormone from the pituitary gland that tells the thyroid to start producing more T4 (thyroxine). But if the thyroid is blown out or not working, the TSH will continue to rise. This is known as a low thyroid or hypothyroidism. Many patients have symptoms of this disease but have normal blood laboratory ranges. One cause is called Hashimotos (an autoimmune disease) where the body starts to attack it’s own thyroid. Regardless of the cause, many patients are not getting the right treatment of hypothyroidism or low thyroid because the tests are either not being interpreted correctly or the right tests are not being ordered.

A perfect example of this was a patient of ours came in and brought her lab tests. She is on thyroid medication but the TSH was on the very high end of normal and she still had all the above signs of hypothyroidism. Her doctor tried to increase her medication before, but she had heart palpitations, insomnia, and other adverse symptoms. So we gave her two nutrients known to help the thyroid. Now, she is feeling great and has energy like she did before these thyroid problems ever started and she can work without resting. Her workouts are “wonderful” and her moods are obviously much better.

It is my opinion that traditional endocrinologists are simply not taking the time to perform the right tests and interpret them correctly. The above case was only one of many in Orange County, CA and southern California. Our main location is in the Tustin, Santa Ana, Ca region. If you are suffering from hormonal imbalances or low thyroid and are not feeling your treatment is where it needs to be, please feel free to call us at 714-542-9991 for a FREE Hormonal Consultation and it will be our pleasure to help you. Go to for more information.

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Lowering Cholesterol Naturally

 Natural Cholesterol Lowering Plan

Are you sufferring from high cholesterol and worried about developing heart disease? The medical treatment for high cholesterol is statin medications. Yes, they do lower cholesterol but the side affects can literally drain the strength out of your legs. One of the side affects that doctors do not tell you about is muscle weakness. I had a patient back a few years ago that started on cholesterol medications. Boy, did he go down quickly. He did have other health conditions but after he started on the statins, he became very weak indeed and could not even go out. His face was severely pale and he had no energy whatsoever! Cholesterol medications also decrease Co-enzyme q10. This is needed for energy production, oxygenation to the heart tissue, and for cellular energy. Lowering cholesterol naturally can be easy with the right nutrients. I have seen cholesterol lowered by almost 100 points just by taking our cholesterol program , consisting of 3 supplements only. These are all backed by scientific research and they work! The dangers of statin medications don’t stop there. They also cause irreversable damage to the liver cells. So if you are reading this and have a high cholesterol problem, please research this on your own, don’t just take it from me. I can tell you that our program with our pharmaceutical grade supplements, can help lower your cholesterol naturally and safely. Again, I can help you and show you the proof of lowering cholesterol 84 points without the use of statin medications. It is easy to lower cholesterol once you learn the scientific facts of natural medicine and how these ingredients work better than the dangerous statin drugs.

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Orange County Runners

Knee Pain Treatment with Lasers Orange County

The main joint injured in running is the knee. Knee pain, torn miniscus, acl injuries, and patellar tracking problems or patellar tendonitis are all too common in runners. Here in southern california, orange county, running is very common because we have such great weather. I never tell my athlete patients to take time off what they love to do unles it is absolutely necessary and the injury is only going to get worse without rest. I believe, with the right care, that the injury will heal, even with doing a sporting activity. Knee Pain in common today, and patellar tendonitis is very common in runners. Weak rectus femoris muscles play a part with knee pain, but so can a low back problem or a subluxation (mis-aligned bone) at L3. The nerve that supplies the rectus femoris or (quads) is the L3 L4 nerve root. I have seen many patients that have knee pain due to a low back problem. Think of it as the hose going to the plant is stepped on, and the plant dies due to lack of water. In this case, the plant is the rectus femoris muscle, which is weak, and the twisted hose it the bone pressing on the nerve. After this, the tendon can stretch and start to have inflammation surrounding the joint along with proprioceptive dysfunction (nerve problems), along with scar tissue formation in the tendon, muscles, etc.

At our clinic, when we see patients with runners knee, partellar tendonitis, or any of the above, we use a combination of KT tape or kinesio-tape and Class 4 (NOT COLD) deep tissue laser therapy, which feels warm. This combination has about a 90 percent success rate. I keep telling athletes this amazing therapy and how quickly our athletes are recovering from knee pain and other injuries. Treatment times range from 3-10 minutes and sessions from 3 to 15.

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