Arthritis in Dogs

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Arthritis is common in dogs. Regardless of the cause (injury, genetics, nutrition), treatments for arthritis are usually NSAIDS. NSAIDS do work but the downside is gastrointestinal stress and possibly bleeding in both humans and dogs. There is a new supplement on the market called curcuminoids from the herb Tumeric that when combined with bioperine gets absorbed through the GI system well. This herb has very powerful anti-inflammatory properties and clinically has shown promise in decreasing pain all while helpin the body fight disease.

Arthritis means inflammation of the joints. Dogs mostly suffer with arthritis of the hips and lower spine. In our clinic we use what is called deep tissue laser therapy to combat inlfammation and the pain of arthritis. This new therapy (not cold or low level laser but Class 4 Deep Tissue laser therapy) works wonders and dog ownwers all over are inquiring of it. For a condition like hip dysplasia in dogs, it takes usually around 10 to 15 treatments to decrease the inflammation down to normal levels.

Working dogs and agility dogs get injured more than regular pets. We have seen working and agility dogs in our clinic and the deep tissue laser has done a great job at helping these dogs do their work at a high and competitive level. If you are interested in finding out more or want to try the laser on your dog, please mention the “internet special for dog Laser Therapy” and we will comp you one free laser visit to see if your dog is a candidate for care at out clinic in Orange County, Ca.

By the way, the dogs love the way it feels. Generally if feels warm to both humans and dogs. The warmth is the inflammation leaving the body. Ironically, as the inflammation leaves the body, the heat is less and less each visit. Inflmmation is significantly decreased. We have seen a contusion the size of a half football go down 90% in less than 4 weeks (about 10 to 12 treatments), where the doctor said it was going to take up to one year to go down. This was a human case. We had a dog with a torn anterior cruciate ligament where the swelling around the lower leg was significant but after just 5 deep tissue laser treatments, the leg was normal and the dog did not seem to limp around or was stiff the owner said in getting up quickly.

Arthritis in dogs, like humans, is a disease that needs to be addressed. We now have a wonderful tool to address this dreadful disease. Once the inflammation has been controlled in the dog or human, they only need an average of 4 to 6 treatments per year to maintain the healing affects of the original treatments.

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