Breast Cancer on the Rise

Orange County Hormone Doctor:

Breast Cancer is on the rise in the unites states. Some of the reasons for this is increased xenoestrogesn(toxins that the body looks at as estrogen but are dangerous and can increase the risk for breast cancer, increase in sugar in the american diet, and decreased immunity through lack of basic nutrition.

Breast Cancer/Uterine Cancer Prevention 
When a woman gets breast cancer, the general treatment is rushing the patient right into chemotherapy, radiation, and possibly surgery without even considering natural alternatives. There is hope now with the discovery of specific extracts from cruciferous vegetables to downregulate these dangerous xenoestrogens and toxins. Also, people generally do nothing to boost their immune systems. Just taking action in 3 different places will decrease chances of breast cancer. Boost your immune system with high dose liposhperic vitamin c and other immune boosting supplements like humic acid, exercise 4 times per week and sit in the sauna 30 mintues each time after your workout, and lastly, decrease the amount of sugar in your diet. Insulin is a hormone and can have global affects on estrogens when elevated. For instance, when a patient has a sugar handling issue, their liver will get “fatty”. This alone will cause a decrease in conjugation of estrogens and other hormones.
So this breast cancer issue is a global problem. If you happen to suffer from breast cancer and want a second opinion, please call today at the above number and we will be happy to talk with you.

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